20 05 2009

Kurt Collins reviews  NaJe’s Cinephoniq. Thanks Poptology!




When I think Indie music and bands, I generally think of the alternative Indie bands. And as I’m sure you know, there are more than enough of those out there. The alternative Indie bands sure have done agreat job of branding Indie music as an alternative music thing. Well let’s see if we can start to dispel that myth.

Kurt Collins, PoptologyThis week, I’m going to focus on getting some Indies a little bit of exposure (a real little bit, because let’s be honest, no one really knows about Poptology yet). As such, you’re going to see something you’ve never seen before on Poptology: links to buy. If you happen to like the music, go ahead and buy it. These guys do it for the love of the game, not for the money.

And with that over and done with, I’ll kick off the week with an introduction to NaJe. I’ll put this disclaimer out there: the singer happens to be a close friend of mine. However, I’m not being biased when I say she’s got some serious talent. She’s an Indie vocalist coming out of San Francisco. This track, Desidere, is off her most recent album: Cinephoniq Volume 2.

What do I like about it? It’s simple: Jazz. Her style really brings me back to that smokey jazz lounge vibe that I believe all Jazz heads yearn for. And that’s not an easy style to pull off. This song has all of the classic themes in it. You’ve got everlasting love, undeniable longing, transcontinental adventure coupled with a chill, almost trip-hop vibe of ultimate chill. And the thing that ties it all together is the deep (and clearly evident) Jazz roots.

I want to see her in a dark room with a soft spotlight on her and nothing else. I want to hear the band, feel their presence, but not see the band as they play bars beneath her smokey voice. I want to hear the soft whispers of the audience as the ladies whisper to their lover. I want to sip on on a glass of Hennessey, close my eyes and just breathe… as I listen to this this song.

I’ve got nothing more to say. Listen to it… and just breathe.

– Kurt Collins, Poptology